01268-757166 Pass First Time With DPA Teaching Since 1979
 01268-757166Pass First Time With DPA Teaching Since 1979

"Passed First Time, DPAs methods of instruction are faultless, Dave is the most patient guy I have ever met giving praise whenever I did well and guiding and helping when things went wrong"

Thanks so much!



"Dave was absolutley amazing!" "He helped me carry on when I didnt believe in myself and built confidence in me to drive when I never thought I would". "He provides A cards which are really helpful and explained all of the procedures clearly". "Never had a boring lesson and I cant thank you enough Dave 100% the best driving instructor around!"


Abbie xxx

"Dave is a great teacher, always felt safe with him in the passenger seat. He helped me to kick my bad habits, gain confidence and Pass First Time". "Very friendley and easy to get along with, I would reccomend Dave to Everyone!"



"David has been an excelent driving Instructor, he is patient, friendly and funny which has made my driving lessons something to look forward to! Its also evident that he puts so much time and effort into our lessons.especially through the "A Cards" he provides which were so useful for revising the lesson content".

"Thank you for helping me Pass First Time!!!"



"Still cant believe I Passed First Time, you are just brilliant Dave, patient and a great teacher". "Thank you so much."


Paige xxx

"Cannot thank Dave enough for helping me to Pass my test. He is super patient and understanding working through things at a pace which suited me". "He has a great sense of humour which put my stress to bed as soon as I got in the car". "I would recommend DPA to anyone".


Thanks again mate Connor.

"Thank you Dave for all your patience helping me to learn how to drive and Pass First Time".

"Great instructor who goes above and beyond for his pupils always makes lessons fun and the T and A cards are a bonus for helping with the theory test and the practical test". "I would highly recommend DPA!"


Ellie P


"Thanks to Dave's extreme patience, great sense of humour and outstanding teaching methods I was able to Pass First Time. From the A Cards I was given to learn in between lessons and the way Dave goes about teaching there would be no one else I would recommend"


Thanks again


"Can't thank Dave enough for the endless patience and guidance in all my lessons". "Especially appreciated the A cards and chats about my progress after every lesson". "Thoroughly enjoyed every lesson and always looked forward to the next one. Thank you so much Dave !


Gabby xxx

"Dave always remained calm and was extremley patient with me, he helped me massively in learning to drive. Dave was never late to any lessons, and they never finished earlier than organised. I would like to thank Dave for helping me pass my test and would recommend DPA to anyone"



"Dave's patience and methods of teaching were definitely a catalyst to helping me pass my test. Though I did not pass first time, I see no correlation between that and the way he teaches and was no fault but my own." "Would recommend DPA to anyone looking to start learning to drive."




"Such a great teacher!"
"Very good methods of teaching, the A cards really helped me. Dave was always friendly and patient in lesson and I was taught how to drive safely and confidently Thank you!!!"



Passed First Time!!! and I cannot fault Dave's instruction at all and I only needed 30 hours. Dave is very experienced and knowledgable which gives you a good sense of confidence while driving, no matter what stage of your lessons you are at.”
“I would 100% reccomend DPA to anyone learning to drive. An outstanding and reliable instructor week in week out. If you're searching for a dedicated, polite, knowledgeable and professional instructor, look no further than DPA!”


"Recently passed and can't thank Dave enough for all the time and patience he had, to teach me to drive! I would recommend DPA to anyone."



Thanks again Dave


"What a great instructor!" "The use of the A cards really helped me throughout my lessons by enabling me to go through and remember what I had just learnt". "Daves patience and sense of humour is what kept me going and enabled me to Pass First Time!!!

Many thanks Dave!"



I Passed First Time!

"I could not have passed without the help and guidance of Dave, he is very patient, professional and understanding but also has a great sense of humour which makes the lessons enjoyable. Dave was never late for a lesson and never cut a lesson short and I felt he gave me his full attention throughout each and every lesson. Dave also helps you learn out side of the car using a system of written A cards. These cards set out questions you may be asked in your test and how to deal with each manoeuvre and procedure correctly. I cannot recommend Dave and DPA School of Motoring enough."


Thanks So Much



"Dave is an amazing instructor, he took me from a scared girl who couldn't even turn corners to feeling confident driving on my own, now I've passed my test". "The handout 'A' Cards he gave me really helped me remember how to do the manoeuvres". "His lessons were always fun and I would absolutley recommend him".




"Dave has nothing but patience and was always offering reassurance and guidance when I was nervous and worried. His easy methods settled me a lot and the A & T cards he gave me, acted as my own personal instruction manual helping me on each critical step I took. DPA has been a fantastic driving school for me and without the patience and perseverance from Dave, I highly doubt that I would have Passed First Time!!!"


Thanks Mate


"Your just the most patient person I have ever met, so kind and understanding. Thank you so much!"





Amy and Bump


"Couldn't have asked for a better instructor, Dave's methods were easy to follow especially having the A cards to help remember all the important procedures. He was always calm and patient even in the dodgy moments, and also clearly cares about his pupils. So thanks again for helping me pass."




"Cool Teacher,Passed First Time with only 26 hours tuition!!!

I can't think of anything you could improve thanks a lot"






"Thanks for helping me pass!"
"I have thoroughly enjoyed my lessons. The lessons were always well-planned, useful and fun and couldn't have been any better! I found the 'A-cards' and 'T-cards' provided extra help for preparing for the theory test and key areas of the practical test". "I would definitely recommend DPA to any new learner drivers, they are experienced, patient and friendly instructors. I'm really going to miss having my lessons!"

"I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with Dave, he is a fantastic instructor with a good sense of humour and the patience of a saint, I couldn't of had a better instructor NOT ONLY A FIRST TIME PASS BUT WITH 0 FAULTS!!!, Thanks Dave".

(And yes he really did wear that suit for his test) (Dave)


Best Regards


"5 Star couldn't have been better, always on time and very reasonable prices. The Extra revision materials A & T Cards provided were particularly helpful. Would absolutely recommend!"

"Thanks for helping me Pass First Time"

I could not have had a better instructor, the entire process was effective and fun! I will miss my lessons and my instructor".


Annalise xxx


"Without Dave there is no way I would have Passed First Time, I cannot thank him enough and for being the best driving instructor I could have wished for. I would definitely recommend DPA".


Chloe xxx


"I can't thank Dave enough for what he has done for me, having the faith and belief in me and getting me to pass my driving test. From my very first lesson I felt very confident and I knew every lesson I would learn something new and improve my driving skills. I wish DPA all the best for the future! I highly recommend them to anyone looking to drive."




"Thank you for being so patient with me! I was very nervous about driving to start with, but now I feel totaly confident on the road."

"I will be recommending you to all m friends and family". "Thank you Dave Couldn't have done it without YOU".


Katie xxx


"What a brilliant instructor, I developed a great rapport with my Instructor. DPA offers high quality driving lesson at a great price, and works the lessons around your availability. I had little confidence before going to DPA, but now consider myself a capable and confident driver. Thanks again for helping me pass my test"




Dave Phillips is a brilliant driving instructor, he's more than a tutor, over lessons I developed a great rapport with Dave, and friendship. He offers a high quality driving lesson at a great price, and works the lessons around your availability, and ...

Couldn't have asked for a better Driving Instructor than Dave.
His patience, outstanding knowledge and helpful 'A' Cards is what made me Pass my Test First Tme!!! Thank's for everything!!!


Grace xxx


"You were absolutely brilliant, not only are you a great instructor, its also good to have a person you get along with". "I will recommend you to anyone who wants to learn to drive, thanks again".




"DPA created a comfortable, friendly and easy driving lesson environment. Dave was very friendly and kind. He would help me when I went wrong, and praised me when I did well. It made my lessons very easy and stress-free. I would recommend anyone to go with DPA School of Motoring!"





I Passed my Test at the First Attempt". Having an experienced instructor like Dave helped so much when it came to preparing for my test and I feel I improved every lesson! He was also very patient and calm and gave me constant encouragement to improve. Would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to learn to drive!"




"I recently passed my driving test with the help of my instructor Dave, he has so much knowledge and patience! The A Card system was very helpful as I could study between lessons, I HAVE NOW PASSED WITH ONLY 3 MINOR FAULTS" Thank you so much




"Dave as a teacher is incredible, he never gave up on me no matter how much I annoyed him!" "The service he provides is faultless and the support is endless". "Dave as a person is definitely welcome to come out and join me and my friends at the pub anytime, he's a gentleman". "I couldn't have had a better experience to pass my test"




"Thank you so much for putting up with me and my emotions! I will recommend DPA to anyone, they could not get a more understanding and kind instructor"



Amy 2  xxx


"You can teach an old dog new tricks, great instructor who made the whole process simple and understandable as well as enjoyable". "Passed at the First Attempt ,thanks"





"I was so nervous on my first lesson my legs where shaking, so considerate and a great teacher I would recommend you to anyone".




Lizzie xxx


"Can't thank you enough Dave for helping me pass my driving test. The methods that DPA use and the A & T cards were incredibly helpful. The lessons were completely stress free and were a lot of fun. I had an amazing time driving with Dave as my instructor."



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